Gail Alofsin

A Focus on the Silver Lining


Through our months of “shelter-in-place,” we have experienced an enormous change in our lives, habits, careers and relationships. 

The struggle is real. Sometimes, people are lonely, frustrated or anxious. Jobs have been lost, businesses closed, relationships strained. Social distancing can lead to feelings of isolation. 

“Every cloud has a silver lining” is an expression many of us have grown up with. This term is used to illustrate that even the most dire events can have a positive aspect. How to focus on the positive? Here are a few things to consider:

Connection. Find ways to share experiences by connecting virtually. Whether through phone, FaceTime, Zoom – reach out to connect. This helps us to maintain camaraderie with colleagues, relatives, friends. Share stories, ideas, songs, Netflix choices. Use these meetings to bring pockets of joy into your day and theirs. You can also attend many activities on-line – from church and complimentary webinars to board meetings.  

Kindness. There are many inspiring actions right in our own city. Car parades to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and our brave first responders at Newport Hospital. Practice random acts of kindness. One man I know is paying for the gas of medical staff he spots at gas stations. Another woman I know brings flowers once a week to people living alone in her neighborhood. Our neighbors’ grandchildren baked us cookies six weeks ago and we reciprocated with cookies. This began a weekly creative cookie contest. At the time of this writing – they are in the lead!

Self-Improvement. If you are finding yourself with too much time on your hands and have organized every area of your home, there are several things you can do to improve yourself.  What is something you have always wanted to do yet had no time for? Take a course, read a book, write a book, listen to podcasts? Have you wanted time to learn to cook? Dance? Create a website? Everything is a click away. Stay healthy! Embrace the elements – rain or sunshine – take a bike ride, walk or work on your garden.

Gratitude. What are you grateful for? Shelter, running water, food, career, family, friends, toilet paper? Yes – toilet paper! Take a daily inventory. Focus on what you do have versus what you do not. 

This is a great time to reach out to people. Write a letter, join an online book club, make those phone calls. Limit your news intake to what you feel is right for you. What is one small thing that you can do, every day, to make life better for someone else? Let’s emerge from this pandemic better friends, partners and people.

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